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Are the posters original ?

  We don't sell any kind of repros, our posters are all old and original. They have been printed since the end of 19th century to 20-30 years ago. We sell each poster accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Anyway if you are not satisfied you'll get your money back (see return policy)


Where are posters coming from ?

  Most of them come from my own private collection. I'm collecting posters since the sixties but in recent years my son and I began to sell them and they now represent my Job. Just in the last few years I have been buying old original posters not only to collect but also to sell. Their origin is mostly from private collectors like me, from single people having them at home, from flea markets, antique shop all around the world, old factories and so on. 


Are all the available posters on the website ?

  No, sorry, they are not. Just some of them are on the website. They are too many. I'm continously taking pictures and writing descriptions of the posters of my large collection.


How many copies have been printed of each poster, and do you have more than one ?

  It's very hard to know how many copies have been printed. You've got to consider that oldest posters were mostly printed by stone lithographic print (it means around 1000 copies, because if more the print becomes even worse).

  Now at maximum you can find some tens of copies togheter that were preserved on the top of a private garage, or on a printer, or directly from the brand.

  The more recent the print is the more likely is it that had been printed among a lot of copy (easier to do with the offset process) and that some of them are still standing elsewhere.

  For the reason above we we have just a copy of most of our posters, and some excptions up to 5-10.  


In what condition are the posters?

  It depends. Some of them have been restored, others were perfect when I found them and are in impeccable conditions.

  Conditions are classified by international standards in three typologies: A,B,C.

  Conditions and interventions are described in the website and in the mail we'll send you answering to your requests. At any time, if the description given is not enough please ask for more details. Anyway if you are interested in a poster, I'll get some pictures of it showing exactly the example you'll get.


What about the poster size ?

  First of all, I should apologize for still expressing in some cases the sizes in cm and not in inches. I'm progressively adding sizes in inches. In these first years of activity my aim has been to put on the website all my thousands of posters and I have no time for conversion in inches. Let me remind that 1 inch is 2.54 cm and that 1 cm is 0,393 inches.

  Anyway the size on the description refers to the size of the original poster. If the poster is backed on linen you should calculate 3-5 cm more, that means 1,81"-1,96 " more.


 If I buy a poster can you provide for framing and/or backing on linen ?

  For the frame I prefer that you go directly to the frame shop of your choice or to one that I would suggest whatever is more confortable for you. If you choose for a conservative framing is better that you ask me for the adress of the appropriate frame shop. Of course I better know the italian framing laboratories. Anyway I suggest that you choose your favorite frame and framing solution. I also prefer not to ship framed poster, shipping cost is much more expensive and the risk to broken the glass and or the frame and damage the poster is always present. As for the backing on linen you may do the same as mentioned above, but you should consider that I work strictly with my preferred linen backing artisan and I can guarantee quality, rapidity and good prices.


When the poster is linen-backed is it possible to detache it ?

  All posters backed on linen are glued on Japanese paper between it and the linen using reversible glue. This way it is possible to return the poster to its the original conditions by simply merging it in water....not by you, and anyway with caution, please !


How does the shipment work ?

  After the payment the poster is shipped in three working days via registered and insured mail. I can tell you in advance the shipping price. Remember to give me not only your adress but also your phone number, which is better to add even if not requested in some cases. 


How can I pay?

  You can pay online through Bank Transfer or PayPal. If you collect it in the shop of course you can also pay cash.


How much is VAT or sales tax?

  According to italian law, we do not charge VAT or sales tax.


What to do if I'm not satisfied ?

  We have a simple return policy. If you're not satisfied just tell me and send the poster back within two weeks as long as the condition is exactly the same. You'll get yor money back except for the shipping cost.


Do you also buy old posters?

  Certainly ! If you aren't able to show me the item directly you can take a picture and send me it to me by email or whatsapp, I'll answer asap with my offer.



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