descriptions, prices and purchase notes

Each image is accompanied by the following elements: title, author, year, size, conditions and price

Title: is the name of the product, the service or the location. Just in some particulare cases  we put a name which is the most popular name used for the poster. Examples are the “Little pink shoes” by Villemot, the “Sfera e mezzo” by Armando Testa, or the “diable vert”,  name done to the Maurin Quina by Cappiello.

Author :  when the author is known his name is reported, when not we report “unknown” or “not readable”.

Year: the reported year is the year of the drawing, when we aren’t sure about it we report the year with the note “around”, i.e. “around 1960”.

Size : the written size is the actual size of the poster, without the backing work done ( on linen and paper or just on paper) or the frame or the passepartout.

Conditions of our posters Conditions of our posters are classified in this website according to the international standards: Conditions A : the poster is in very good conditions, without missing parts and with unaltered colors. Borders may be slighlty torn, there can be little folding damages that not interfere with the image. If  little damages by folding are present they always should disappear when laid out on linen backing. Conditions B : refers to a poster that is in good conditions, colors are fine, scratchs, tears or missing could be present but outside the image or written parts. A light restoration work is useful, but not necessary Conditions C : means that tears or missing parts are evident and also on the image, and/or colors are gone bad with the time.

Preservation techniques:  if the poster is in its original conditions we don’t specify the conervation technique, on the contrary we specify if it has been backed on linen, or on paper, or framed.

Prices Our posters are all original, we don’t sell any kind of fake poster. Each poster has a price according to rarity, author, age, conditions and so on. If you are interested and ask for a poster, we send to you uptodate pictures referring to the specific poster is offered to you at that moment. The pictures of the chosen poster include: front in general, author signature/name of the printer/year of the printing if there are, possible imperfections or missing parts, back. If you agree with the offer, you’ll get exactly the example you see on the pictures we sent to you, without the risk to get a “brother” with the same image, but that is not in the same conditions. At the end please remember that if you’re not satisfied you’ll get your money back !

 Our posters are all original and the prices are very different.

 The price depends according to the rarity, the author, the subject and ovious the demand/availibility. In add each poster is unique, posters are multiple but each copy is particular, colours could be different, size (cause cutting interventios), scratches, folding signs, more or less light taken and yellow on the borders. Here below the price ranges.

The price ranges are: A up to 500 €B from 500 to 1000 €C more than 1000 €

Purchase steps 

just click on “request more details”. A form will open wher you can report all the items you are interested in. You can add or not your personal request or comment.  We will answer  in 24 hours provinding the price, pictures, details and shipping cost . 

You also can write to or call us at the following numbers 0039. 339 . 6616415 or 0039. 339. 1496417

You can pay using: – paypal ( – bank transfer (write for my bank account)  Within 3 days the item, the certificate of authenticity and all the needed documents (including receipt or invoice) will be shipped via registered mail.  An email will give you the tracking number.  

Handling and Shipping: To European countries the shipping cost is 20 Euros, for purchases over 300 Euros is free. To countries outside Europe the shipping cost for purchases under 500 $ is 40 $, over 500 $ is free 

Refund rules if you are not satisfied the refund is guaranteed within 15 days, but shipping cost is on your charge  

Reserve your poster: Milano Manifesti can offer the opportunity to book a poster by the payment of a 20 % deposit. The balance should be done within 3 months in up to 3 rates. You can get your poster only when balance is received. Deposit and following payments generate a mandatory purchase and if not complete till the final amount within 3 months are lost.