Are your posters all original ?

We don’t sell any kind of repros, our posters are all old and original. They have been printed since the end of 19th century to 20-30 years ago. We sell each poster accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Anyway if you are not satisfied you’ll get your money back (see return policy)

Why they are so expensive ?

Original posers have survived for many decades despite mishandling , light, dryness or humidity. Sometimes also a ad restoration can demage or the simply put them one on the other. For these reasons the survivors are few and often they aren’t in good conditions. Consequently they are rare and the price could be hogh, of course depending on some other specific factors as the author, the subject and the market.

Where are the posters coming from ?

Most of them come from my own private collection. I’m collecting posters since the sixties but in recent years my son and I began to sell them and they now represent my Job. Just in the last few years I have been buying old original posters not only to collect but also to sell them. Their origin is mostly from private collectors like me, from single people having them at home, from flea markets, antique shop all around the world, old factories and so on.

Are all the available posters on the website ?

  Of course not. The poster reported on the website are around 2000 , but the total amount of available posters is more than 5000. So ask me freely for what you are interesed in or looking for, may be we have it !! If not we also can try to find it in the large network of collectors and dealers with them we are in touch.

Which are the posters conditions ?

It depends. Some of them have been restored, others were perfect when I found them and are in impeccable conditions. Conditions are classified by international standards in three typologies: A,B,C. Conditions and interventions are described in the website and in the mail we’ll send you answering to your requests. At any time, if the description given is not enough please ask for more details. Anyway if you are interested in a poster, I’ll get some pictures of it showing exactly the example you’ll get.

What about the posters size ?

First of all, I should apologize for still expressing in some cases the sizes in cm and not in inches. I’m progressively adding sizes in inches. In these first years of activity my aim has been to put on the website all my thousands of posters and I have no time for conversion in inches. Let me remind that 1 inch is 2.54 cm and that 1 cm is 0,393 inches. Anyway the size on the description refers to the size of the original poster. If the poster is backed on linen you should calculate 3-5 cm more, that means 1,81″-1,96 ” more.

If I buy a poster can you provide for framing and/or backing on linen ?

For the frame I prefer that you go directly to the frame shop of your choice or to one that I would suggest whatever is more confortable for you. If you choose for a conservative framing is better that you ask me for the adress of the appropriate frame shop. Of course I better know the italian framing laboratories. Anyway I suggest that you choose your favorite frame and framing solution. I also prefer not to ship framed poster, shipping cost is much more expensive and the risk to broken the glass and or the frame and damage the poster is always present. As for the backing on linen you may do the same as mentioned above, but you should consider that I work strictly with my preferred linen backing artisan and I can guarantee quality, rapidity and good prices.

Is it possible to ask for, have a look or buy without coming to the gallery ?

  Yes of course, we can have a normal call, or also a skype connection or a WhatsApp call. In these last ways we can let you have a free tour in the shop, show you directly something or talk about conditions, prices , way of restoration, way of framing, backing on linen and so on .

What about a safe handling ? 

Handling and packaging is one of our most important topics. We don’t fold posters. Normally we firts roll it with acid free paper, then with pluriball. If needed an internal cardboard tube and an external protection with a pvc sheet. Then we choose an appropriate tube on plastic (idraulic tubes) or heavy cardboard. We put inside it the final rolled up item putting aside and mostly on up and bottom pluriball. The poster has not to move inside the tube mostly in order not to damage the borders, that too often occurs when we receive !

What about shipping  and delivering ?

For shipping we choose the best shipping agency according to the final destination. Tracking number is available in real time after the consignment to the courier. Timing and costs are agreed with the client. Refund is possible in front of the damage documentation.

Do you sell vouchers ?

Yes, we can release voucher or gift cards to be spent in a future time, maximum 3 months. These voucher let the client not to choose the poster immediately but after sometime. The form could be used also in an additive way, in this case acts as a payment with a delayed balance. Anyway the more common utilization of the voucher is under the form of a gift card to be given to the final receiver. This card, usually an original vintage postcard, is signed by MILANO MANIFESTI with or without the name of the receiver and with or without the amount payed. In parallel a fiscal receipt is given to the customer with date and amount. When the final receiver come he just has to tell us the name of the donor and he can choose what he want on the basis of the payed amount. Sometimes this gift card is also useful when the donor is not sure about the best size of the poster. For example a big poster as a present could be a poisoned gift because the receiver don’t have a wall big enough but in the same time can’t put it away in the wardrobe. Just two final notes : the amount of the voucher can’t be under 100 € and the gift card could be sent directly to the final reve reveiver.

Are wedding lists also available ?

Of course, it’s very simple ! You can make a wedding even without coming to the gallery. The steps are e following: 1. call the shop 2. we’ll help you to choose the poster/ posters to put in the wedding list 3. the image of the chosen poster/posters are sent to the donors with the purchase instructions 4. the donors pay us directly 5. the shop will organize the shipment either to the donors or directly to the betrothed couple. Contact us freely for more details.

How many copies have been printed of each poster, and do you have more than one ?

  It’s very hard to know how many copies have been printed. You’ve got to consider that oldest posters were mostly printed by stone lithographic print (it means around 1000 copies, because if more the print becomes even worse).  Now at maximum you can find some tens of copies togheter that were preserved on the top of a private garage, or on a printer, or directly from the brand.  The more recent the print is the more likely is it that had been printed among a lot of copy (easier to do with the offset process) and that some of them are still standing elsewhere.  For the reason above we we have just a copy of most of our posters, and some excptions up to 5-10.  

When the poster is linen-backed is it possible to detache it ?

  All posters backed on linen are glued on Japanese paper between it and the linen using reversible glue. This way it is possible to return the poster to its the original conditions by simply merging it in water….not by you, and anyway with caution, please !

How does the shipment work ?

  After the payment the poster is shipped in three working days via registered and insured mail. I can tell you in advance the shipping price. Remember to give me not only your adress but also your phone number, which is better to add even if not requested in some cases. 

How much is VAT or sales tax?

  According to italian law, we do not charge VAT or sales tax.

What to do if I’m not satisfied ?

  We have a simple return policy. If you’re not satisfied just tell me and send the poster back within two weeks as long as the condition is exactly the same. You’ll get yor money back except for the shipping cost.

Is it possible buy directly at the gallery ?

  If you are in Milano or not to far, the best is directly come to the shop. In this way you can have a pleasant tour around our four rooms, seat down on the couch to leaf through one of the book of our large collection, directly . appreciate colours, inks, paper smells and paper consistency. A unique experience is for instance the smell of old grease inks, the velvety smoothness of the printed paper. the dryiness of some papre, some small blemish of the print, or the overprinted areas of a sreenprint.

When will I receive the poster I buyed ?

  In three working days from the payment we ship the package. The arrival all around the World is normally wthin 7-10 days. Anyway you can follow your shipment checking the tracking number I send you via mail on the same departure day

What about the shipping cost ?

Before buying you will be told about the exact cost of the shipping. It changes on the weight and lenght of the package. International shipping inside european countries costs around 20 €, but the cost for other countries could be higher, uo to 100 €. Anyway the shipment cost is on my charge for amount mor than 300 € in Europe and 500 € for other countries.

What about shipment insurance ?

In case of damage or lost the client will be refunded by the shipping company. The buyer must immediately contact us explaining what is happened. A special insurance is also available, but sometimes this can increase the theft risk.

What about payment ?

 You can pay online via PayPal, bank transfer or money transfer, but at the shop you can also pay cash or via credit or debit cards, like VISA, Diners,Mastercard,Maestro. Sorry, we don’t accept cheques.  

Are instalments payments available ?

Instalments aren’t available. Instead of them is possible to leave a down payment. of at least 20 % of the total amount. The balance should be done within 3 months. This deposit has a legal obligation value, this means that or we receive balance within thee months or the deposit is lost.

If I don’t like the poster received, may I change it or get a refund ?

 Within 15 days from the purchase the poster can be shipped back to MILANO MANIFESTI. If the conditions are the same as before we refund the amount payed, or give you a voucher of the same amount, or of course give you another poster. No more than one return is possible. All shipping costs are on your charge.

Do you also buy old posters?

  Certainly ! We sell hat we buy ! So we are everytime interesyed to buy posters from you. Of course we should be able to evaluate the item, so the best is have a look of it directly at the gallery. On the contrary, if you aren’t able to come, you can take a picture and send it by email or WhatsApp : we will answer you asap with our offer. Remember yhat you can call us when you want to the ph n. + 339.6616415 or +339.6616415 everyday from 9 am to 9 pm.

Further informations

For any other information, question, curiosity or just talk about your own poter don’t hesitate to contact us via phone, WhatsApp or mail

+ 339.6616415 or + 39.339.6616415

Come to the gallery ! We are located in one of the most pictoresque districts of Milano, the district of Isola. The district takes its name from its borders of channels and railways. Few steps from the gallery you’ll the new Porta Nuova district, the wellknown vertical forest, Gae Aulenti square , corso Como and the Carla Sozzani gallery. This distrct is considered the most interesting one in the town either from a cultural and an architectural point of view.

Don’t also miss to visit the fascinating XIV century cloister, the cloister of Santa, Santa Maria alla Fontana, in front of the shop.

At the end of this little tour have a taste of italian gastronomy at one of the restaurant and bistrot in the near.


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