uncutted two-faced daily newspaper poster Il Giorno

  • Author: Savignac
  • Year: 1970 ca
  • Size: 44.0″ x 15.7″
  • Technique: offset
  • Conditions: A-
  • Price range: A


Probably a proof of the press, this poster actually collects two identical ones sheets intended to be separated. Interesting is the fact that the back is equally printed with the inscription Il Giorno. Hence the idea that this is a test on paper destined for the recycle bin Another hypothesis is that it was intended for a readable exposure on both sides and intended to be plasticized, to hang it in newsstands or on public transport for example. The image is probably of Savignac, but it is not signed. The newspaper and Savignac are spoken of in the other manifesto proposed entitled “Il Giorno”.