It is intended here to pay tribute to the printers who have made the history of the manifesto. Most of the time, these are people who have worked quietly and anonymously to make our small works of art. Only very few of them have gone down in history as billboardists, the others are printers, inks, chrome makers, slab sanders, photo-encyclos, or simple workers whose trace has been lost. In some cases they worked very handicraftly in small laboratories, in others they gave rise to Sizecompanies.

Below, therefore, is a summary card that is hoped to further expand with other contributions.

NamingPlacePeriod of activitybillboardistsWorksNotes
CHAPPUIS EDMONDO 18741912Bologna Dudovich (after The Memories): Chini, Hohenstein, Mataloni, De Carolis, Nomellini, Dudovich, Terzi, Cambellotti,  
EFISIO GHELMA 1909-1976 Varallo Sesia  Alpe cable car in Mera? 
Maga Bolognafounded in 1920 as an advertising agency by Giuseppe Magagnoli (Bologna 1878-Milan 1933), closed in 1933Leonetto Cappiello, Severo Pozzati, Bepi Fabiano, Aleandro Terzi, Achille Luciano Mauzan, Marcello Nizzoli and Piquillo. Magagnoli was Vercasson’s representative for Italy In 1921 Magnoli opened a Paris branch of his agency aided by the Bolognese Sepo (Severo Pozzati).
RICHTER & CO. Naples1842 founded by a Swiss and then artistic director Mario Borgoni until 1920, hotel posters and labelsClose collaboration with ENIT and SBB
REMEMBER GRAPHIC WORKSHOPS MilanGiovanni Ricordi (1785–1853), a violinist and copyist, founded the Off graf Ric in 1808Adolf Hohenstein (1854-1928) began to be creative director in 1888, Leopoldo Metlicovitz was its technical director. formation of the first generation of the great Italian billboards, counting important figures of the cartelism of the era 1883 in the avenue of Porta Vittoria 21, remembered by the chronicles of the time as one of the most modern and efficient in Europe. In the large building of over 4000 square meters, In 1897, Dudovich collaborated with the Apple Warehouses in Naples and stopped production only in August 1943, when a bombing destroyed the Aquabella plant. The chromotography printing, however, had made its time and was about to be supplanted by a new compositional conception based on photographic editing rather than drawing ability.
Star 1920-founded in Milan by M. Dudovich and A. Stefanini in 1920 as a publishing house. Dudovich was artistic director of STAR from 1922 to 1936uses it to print the IGAP  

IGAP (General Company of Posters and Advertising) with offices in Milan and Rome companies that are entrusted with municipal posters throughout Italy

National Tourist Industry Authority

Railways of the State -Giovanni Maria Mataloni (1869-1944), Leopoldo Metlicovitz (1868-1944), Leonetto Cappiello (1875- 1942) and Marcello Dudovich (1868-1944) 1878-1962), Giovanni Beltrami (1860-1926), Aleardo Villa (1965-1906), Franz Laskoff (1869-1921) and Aleardo Terzi (1870-1943), Achille Beltrame (1871-1945), Enrico Sacchetti (1877-1967), Plinio Codognato (1878-1940), Luigi Emilio Calda Gian Emilio Malerba (1880-1926), Giuseppe Palanti (1881-1946), Achille Luciano Mauzan (1883-1952),


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